Fieldwork Recognition Programs

The Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy (OSOT) at UBC are so grateful to have support from such a wonderful OT community in and around the province.

The MOT program could not run without your placement offers and we are so grateful for the continued support in providing such amazing learning opportunities to our MOT students.

The details of our current recognition programs and fieldwork perks are listed below:

1.We recognize two (2) preceptors each year with formal student nominated Excellence Awards:

  • The Chris Courtney Award for Excellence in Fieldwork Education is managed by the OSOT department and is presented annually every July.
  • The CAOT Excellence in Fieldwork Award is announced yearly at the March CAOT AGM. The UBC recipient must be a CAOT member. The winner receives formal recognition in the OT Now journal and at the annual CAOT conference.

2. Yearly Appreciation Certificates: Each preceptor will receive a recognition certificate for their contribution to student Fieldwork!

3. Yearly Prize Draw: Within a calendar year, every time you take a student your name will get entered into a prize draw. We draw five names to recognize OT Fieldwork Educators more formally. The recognition will be a monetary recognition.

The more student placements you take in a year the more times your name is entered into the draw!

If you take 5 students in 1 calendar year, you will automatically be recognized outside of the yearly draw, as you will have educated 1 OT, so how’s that for incentive?!

All recipients are formally announced via the Fieldwork Education blog and in the department newsletter!

4. Being one of our fieldwork educators means that you are eligible to apply to become a Clinical Faculty Member in the Faculty of Medicine. Benefits include:

  • UBC library card and access to the UBC library
  • UBC e-mail address
  • Travel discount and more

For more information about the benefits and services available, click here.


So what does this mean?

Offer lots of placements, host lots of students and we look forward to acknowledging your contributions in a variety of ways!